New version AkaMed script 4.07 Released

Just released the 4.07 update, only the script is updated so Bome´s and Ableton live´s files are not modified.
It changes:

-Released and improved the ‘BANK FLASH’ function. Some bugs were corrected over the experimental previous function.
This function allows to be able to record through the banks with just pressing one single button when a we are recording on a looper and we want to move to the next bank, if that next bank has nothing in the looper, it will begin recording automatically. When we are recording on the last bank, if we press again it will begin recording all the first bank.

-The ‘RESET’ function is also released and finally is working. Not as I was expecting but it helps when using the system in a live performace and we want to quickly delete all the clips and begin a new session without loading a new empty project (it consumes more time to close and open a new project) . This function just scans all the clips of the session, just to know what´s the first available clip inside each looper of every bank.

You can download this version in “Downloads” section.