New version AkaMed Looping System 4.04 Released

New version 4.04 released.
It has a few very important changes:

-The installation now is easier. It is now an independent control surface in Live.

-There´s no need of Clyphx anymore, now its functions go directly to Live´s API, so it has a better performance and an easier routing because no MIDI clips are needed to run the functions, now they are mapped directly through one MIDI channel and different notes (both configurable), so you can run it also with any Touchpad device that sends MIDI like Touchable, Lemur, etc. (I have a template ready for Touchable, if you need it you can PM me).

-The system will detect automatically if new clips are dragged in to the session (you can save a project and open it later also).

You can download this version in “Downloads” section.